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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

A careful courteous reasonable reliable local mover serving the Washington DC Area since 1981.

Call me at (202)352-8549 to discuss or arrange your move.

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Trial Retirement

Since I turned 70 I have been thinking and talking about retiring, My helper Don suggested I should pick a date and stop taking jobs and see how it feels to not be working. That sounded like a good idea so I have decided that starting March 1, 2024 I am not taking any more jobs and I will see how I feel. If it feels right I will sell the GMC. If I get antsey and feel the need to get back to work that option will still be open. I may also decide to fix my old pickup truck and only do small jobs. At any rate I will update this page as my plans evolve.

As of now I am not taking any more moving jobs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers over the last forty three years for all the work and referrals they have sent my way. It has been a great honor to serve your needs,


I am leaving the rest of the website up for the moment

I am Jonathan Lathrop. In 1981 I bought a 16 foot truck and I have made a living moving things for people in the Washington DC area ever since. I have a 16 foot truck, dollies, pads and tools and the truck is carpeted. I usually bring one helper but more are available as needed. We routinely move apartments and small to medium households... Larger households some times take more than one day.


Two men $75/hour ........ additional helpers $35/hour ......... truck $2/mile

The time and mileage are from when we arrive till when we finish. I do NOT charge travel time to and from the job. I do how ever need to have a minimum charge to be worth going out. If your job is within 15 miles of my home in East Riverdale Md. then the minimum charge is two hours. This includes all of DC most of Lower Montgomery and most of Prince George's. From 15 to 30 miles is a 3 hour minimum. This includes places like Falls Church, Gaithersburg, Davidsonville or Clinton. 30-45 miles is a four hour minimum...etc...

Just to be clear the labor rates are: two men $75/hour, three men $110/hour, four men $145/hour.


The following are rule of thumb estimates for various size households based on short walks, a few miles drive to the new place and no complications:

  • A typical efficiency apartment (400 sq feet) generally has 12 items of furniture and 20 other things including boxes and takes 3 hours to move with two men for an approximate price of $235.
  • A typical one bedroom apartment (600 sq feet) generally has 18 items of furniture and 30 other things including boxes and takes 4 hours to move with two men for an approximate price of $310
  • A typical two bedroom apartment (800 sq feet)generally has 24 items of furniture and 50 other things including boxes and takes 6 hours to move with two men for an approximate price of $460
  • A typical three bedroom house (1200 sq feet) generally has 35 items of furniture and 75 other things including boxes and takes 6 hours to move with three men and two trips for an approximate price of $670.
  • A typical four bedroom house (2000 sq feet) generally has 50 items of furniture and 100 other things including boxes and takes 8 hours to move with four men and two trips for an approximate price of $900.

The way to figure out if your place fits in to the above categories is to count the number of items of furniture. Count dining room chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and anything larger. Do not count boxes, bags, suitcases, TV sets, microwave ovens, lamps, pictures, etc. These all count as boxes. Each 25 items in a normal distribution of large and small items along with 50 boxes makes a truck full. Each truck full takes 3-4 hours with 3 men or 5-6 hours with 2 men. Generally add one hour for each 60-80 walking steps. Call me to discuss the details of your move for a more specific estimate.

In all cases I work by the hour and the mile. NO FLAT RATES.

I try very hard to make all moves damage free. However if things are damaged I do not provide insurance on the goods, for my prices it is impossible. If you wish that kind of service you should deal with a large mover. Their rates are roughly double mine. I always try to fix more things than I break. I always carry glue and screws and often tighten things up as I am moving them.


  • Boxes... Pack boxes 30-50 pounds. When a box is full close the lid and seal it. Do not over fill them. Put books in SMALL boxes. Large boxes are for light things.
  • Dressers... Chests and dressers are best emptied. However it is only necessary to empty drawers if a piece is heavy. If you can not budge one end of a dresser by pressing against it with your hip please empty it. Generally drawers do not make good boxes it is best to leave them in place. If a piece is light it is OK to leave things in the drawers as long as they are not breakable or spill able.
  • Don't put tape on finished surfaces Even if it doesn't ruin the finish it can leave an adhesive residue which can catch dirt and dust over time. Turpentine or mineral spirits will remove the adhesive if you have this problem. Don't tape drawers as that precludes our removing them if we need to, I like to tie doors closed with a plastic tie. I like polyethylene plastic shopping bags for this purpose. If you must seal up furniture use stretch wrap but be sure the piece is not too heavy first.
  • Desks... Office desks are always best emptied. Bedroom desks are OK left full if not too heavy.
  • File cabinets Large lateral file cabinets must always be emptied, others can usually be left full since the drawers can be removed if necessary.
  • Clothes... For fancy clothes nothing can beat a wardrobe box, but they are expensive and waste space. For ordinary clothes heavy duty plastic trash bags with a draw string work well. Make sure all the hangers are facing in one direction. Put the sealed end on the bottom and tie the draw string around the hangers at the top.
  • Parking ... If you live in a densely populated area such as Adams Morgan, Georgetown or Old Town Alexandria then it would be great if you could get Emergency No Parking Signs. In DC they are issued by the DC Department of Transportation. A Wider Circle .has a very useful explanation of how to apply for them . DC now charges $55 for them. You must get them four or more days in advance. Three days in advance is too late. Even if you don't get the signs it is helpful if you can park your car in the space closest to your door so we can put the truck there. The truck plus ramp requires 40' or two regular spaces. Remember the back of the truck wants to be nearest to the door.
  • The Last Box... Leave one open box for critical items which might be needed during the move. Things to place in the box include: hammer, pliers, screwdriver, scissors, knife, paper cups, toilet paper, paper towels, packing tape, plastic trash bags, etc. all things useful while loading and unloading. This box goes into the truck last and comes off first
  • Plan ahead at your new place. It is most efficient to move each item only once. Plan where to place each piece ahead of time and we will place each item exactly where it goes. I don't mind moving things around repeatedly, but remember it takes time to do that. Mark boxes with their destination so we can put them where they go.
  • The more thoroughly everything is packed and sealed in moderate weight boxes, the quicker and easier the job will go.


  • All of Washington DC,
  • Maryland: within a 100 mile radius of East Riverdale,
  • Virginia: Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudon, and Prince William.


See Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service on Facebook or Yelp or my page on LinkedIn


It is best to reach me on the cell phone as it is always on and in my pocket.

Cell (202)352-8549

(mnemonic = 202 flat liz ...think of a cute little flat phone who lives in DC and whose name is Liz)

Land Line: (301)779-7190

Or you may email me at :

Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service
Jonathan Lathrop
5708 63rd Ave.
East Riverdale, Maryland 20737

Call me at (202)352-8549 to discuss or arrange your move.

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