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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

A careful courteous reasonable reliable local mover serving the Washington DC Area since 1981.

Call me at (202)352-8549 to discuss or arrange your move.

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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

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About My 1968 GMC 4500

In 1981 I had the opportunity to buy a truck for $150. It was ready to go to the scrap yard but I put $2000 in to repairing it and it has made me a living ever since. It now has 436,000 miles on it and is on it's fourth engine. Every moving part has been replaced at least once. Even parts that don't move like the gas tank have been replaced.


The Engine is a GMC Big Block V-6 351. There is a national club devoted to these engines. It is the 6066 GMC Club. It has been a useful source of information. Here is the last engine being instaled. It came out of a one ton dump truck on a farm in Michigan.

Last engine going in to the truck.

Inside the back

The inside of the box is carpeted to keep everything clean and I have lots of pads to protect the furniture, dollies and a ramp to ease loading and unloading and ropes to secure the load.

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I have a tool box on the side of the truck where I carry a wide array of tools. I have wrenches, ratchets and sockets, screw drivers and bits of every sort, hammer, level, power drill, sawsall, angle grinder, electric impact wrench, ropes, come along, glue, screws, nails, pop rivets, crimps and crimper, glues, and markers to cover scratches on furniture as well as furniture polish. I try to be prepared for most eventualities. I do not however carry any moving supplies.

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