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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

A careful courteous reasonable reliable local mover serving the Washington DC Area since 1981.

Call me at (202)352-8549 to discuss or arrange your move.

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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Desribe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

Moving furniture, household goods, and personal items.

What important information should customers have thought through before seeking you out?

  • How many items of furniture?
  • How many other things besides furniture including boxes and bags?
  • Do you have any unusual items; over sized, heavy or requiring extensive disassembly?
  • How far do we have to carry everything from your place to the truck, and from the truck to your new place.
  • Are there:

    • Elevators?
    • Stairs?
    • Long hallways?
    • Narrow staircases?
    • Small doorways?
    • Tight turns

  • How far is the drive to the new place?

What are your rates?

Two Men $ 75/ Hour ... Additional Helpers $35/hour each ... Truck $2 / Mile

Is that $75 per man?

NO! ... $75 includes myself and a helper.

When are you available?

I am available to work Monday - Saturday from 10:00 AM till dark. Call me to discuss availability. The best time to call is in the evening.

Do you have pads ?

Yes... enough for two truck loads and the floor of the truck is carpeted.

Do you provide boxes and tape?

No ...I have all the tools and equipment necessary but no supplies. You should have everything all packed up and ready to go before I arrive for your job to go quickly and smoothly.

Can you disassemble my Bed? Bunk Beds? Dinning room table? Pool table? Swing Set? Anything else?

Yes ...I can disassemble and reassemble almost anything but remember it takes time ...

Do you move Pianos? Commercial kitchen equipment? Printing presses? Safes?

No... I leave those things to the specialists.

Can you move me a long distance?

No... I stay in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. I can help you load a rental truck or a container and you can find a local mover on the other end to help unload it. (Always remember to rent pads with your truck or container.) We can also unload your truck or container.

What do you like most about your job?

I go some where different and meet new people every day and I get plenty of exercise.

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

We do careful work for a reasonable price. My prices are substantially less than the big companies and we are more careful than they are.