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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

A careful courteous reasonable reliable local mover serving the Washington DC Area since 1981.

Call me at (202)352-8549 to discuss or arrange your move.

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Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service

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About Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service Helpers


  • Emmanuel is from Sierra Leone he has been working since 2019, he works hard and is very careful.
  • Warren is from Pittsburg... He's a Sports fan. His favorite team is the Steelers. He's strong and a good worker.
  • Recent Past:

    • Darrell is from Baltimore. He is an artist with interests in drawing, poetry and music. He is a quick strong careful worker.
  • Alan is from Berwyn Heights and worked for me for a year or so. He is currently working as a cook at a restaurant in Silver Spring.
  • John is from Barbados, He's very reliable and is very careful but became ill and no longer wants to do moving work.
  • Pablo was from Cuba... He worked for me for 20 years till he fell ill in 2012. He passed away in 2021 .
  • Steve is a neighbor who worked for me off and on since he turned 18. He's now in his 40s. He is now working at a computer server farm keeping the cloud working. .

Long past:

  • Ed worked for a couple years in the mid-nineties He now works as a computer guy for the federal Government. He encouraged me to get my first PC.
  • Greg worked for about 7 years in the late eighties and early nineties. Last I heard he is living in Florida and is doing well.
  • Pat worked for me in the eighties He still still lives in Riverdale and is a fence guy.
  • Phil worked for me in the early eighties. After working for me he joined the army. He now lives in North Catrolina. You can see the comment he left on the Facebook page.
  • Andre was one of my first employees.. I have completely lost track of him. I would love to hear where he is now.